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Goodbye, GTI

Ride or Die.
Ride or Die.

Last month, I had to say goodbye to my GTI. It was emotional. To most, my 2006 Volkswagen GTI was just a car, but to me, it was my first new car. It was also my first car that I picked out and paid for with my hard-earned money. I drove it for 130,660 miles through seven states in almost eleven years.

First day home – [Flickr]
First day home

I still remember the first time I drove it. Was it the fastest car out there? No, but it was a beast and I never felt out of control sitting behind that wheel. Above all, it was just exhilarating to drive.

I have a lot of memories attached to that car. When I started dating Elizabeth, before I moved to Wisconsin and married her, I drove my GTI four hours both ways almost every weekend to see her. Driving my car was a big part of the beginning of our relationship. We have taken many road trips in it, first as a couple and then as a family. I put many miles on it. Several thousand of them were to get me here in Wisconsin.

Hello, Traverse
Hello, Traverse

I can probably write for days about my GTI, but I won’t. We had our adventures, but now it is time to start new ones. We bought a 2017 Chevy Traverse to “replace” my car. It’s fun to drive in a different way. Plus, it can seat eight. Road trips will undoubtedly be more comfortable.


Design Refresh

I decided to clean up my design. I think that this is a better reading experience and the layout is more organized. The only functionality that is missing from the previous design is the search. I need to tweak the code to work with the new theme. I built this theme from scratch because I was sick of modifying the old one to make look the way I want it to. Hopefully, this means I can update my site faster in the future.


I'm Going to Miss You

I'm Going to Miss You My grandmother passed away less than two weeks ago. I have no words to describe all that I feel now. My grandfather passed away just over a year ago. When my family moved to the United States back in 1983, I lived with my grandparents for several years. I was very close to them.



E and F A small lettering project I’m doing in this notebook.


I'm Toasty

I'm Toasty
I'm Toasty

Morning Reading

Morning Reading

I’m trying to add more reading time to my day. Today, I am reading In Progress by Jessica Hische. A good read for anyone interested in lettering.


Web Finds for January 14, 2016

Facebook Design Resource
I did not know Facebook had this. It is a collection of design templates. Definitely worth checking out.
I came upon this last week. For anyone looking for an open-source HTML5 gaming engine.
A collection of CSS spinner animations. I like how they present them.
Yet another free stock photo site. I know I link to a lot of these, but it is hard to find high quality stock photos.
Font Flame
Tinder for font pairing. Enough said.
“FontReach scans the top million sites to show font usage across the web.”

Web Finds October 22, 2015

Ridgewing Guitar
Ridgewing is doing something very interesting in the guitar space. They are building a modular, customizable guitar.
Designer Mill
Another good collection of designer resources. Their curation seems good.
HTML Color Codes
A site to help pick out HTML colors. It has a lot of useful tools for choosing your palette.
Owl Carousel 2
Again, I’m always looking for good sliders especially touch enabled ones.
jQuery slideshow that has panning effects.

Frank the Robot 3.0.0b

Frank the Robot v3.0.0b
Frank the Robot v3.0.0b

markers / brown cardstock

I wanted to draw Frank the Robot in color with a few modifications. He is now approaching v3.0, looking much different from v1.0. I’m still working on how he looks.

Frank the Robot v1.0
Frank the Robot v1.0

Web Finds September 7, 2015

Color Hunt
Yet another color theme collection site.
Placeholder images using photos from unsplash.
Critical Path CSS Generator
Helps you generate the critical CSS for your webpage. CSS-Tricks has a good article explaining why you should care.
Startup Stash
A curated directory of helpful tools and sites for your startup.
Similar to Startup Stash, but focused on creatives.