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So it’s one hour and thirteen minutes into the last day of 2006. I couldn’t say goodbye to it any quicker. It’s been a long, long year for me and I’m looking forward to the new year. I’m gonna make it a good one. As always, this is a time when we all reflect on the year passing. For me, it’s been a bit of a eventful (for better or worse) 365 days for me. Ok, not all 365 days were eventful, but quite a few were. Here are my milestones of 2006 in a semi-quasi chronological order:

  • Jan – Accepted a full-time position as a web designer/developer.
  • Feb 12 – Turned a year older (personally not very momentous, but it’s here by default).
  • Feb 15 – My niece was born (tried to steal my birthday, but missed by a few days).
  • Feb 15 (later that night) – Called up Marie to tell her the news. She, in return, tells me that she’s moving to Michigan. Awkward conversation ensues for the next two hours.
  • Late Feb – Mai tells me she’s moving to San Francisco to study fashion design.
  • Mar 1 – Got my first DSLR (Canon Rebel XT).
  • Mar 4 – Helped Marie move out of her apartment. Had a lovely dinner with Marie and her mom.
  • Mid Mar – Met the lovely Star. Watched V for Vendetta on the Ultra-Screen.
  • Late Mar – Helped Mai leave for San Fran.
  • Apr 7 – Drove down to KC with family.
  • Jun 4 – Bought a JM Custom Strat from Guitar Center when all I went in there for were new strings.
  • Jul 1 – Took first photo trek with the Canon. Star came as my photo buddy. Practice shoot with fireworks.
  • Jul 4 – First real photo shoot with July 4th fireworks.
  • Jul 6 – Bought my GTI.
  • Jul 22 – Mai returned for her god-brother’s wedding.
  • Aug 11 – Marie returns for vacation. Spend an amazing day with her. Told her how I felt at the end of the night. Everything implodes. Friendship slowly dissolves.
  • Aug 25 – I fly out to SF to see Mai for her birthday. Stayed at the Hilton. Had the quickest tour of SF ever.
  • Oct 6 – Watched Ben Kweller at First Ave.
  • Oct 14 – Watched Shannon Curfman at Bunker’s with Ms. Linh – her first real concert.
  • Mid Oct – Realized that I have a subconscious obsession with the character Rory Gilmore, not Alexis Bledel.
  • Oct 21 – Watched David Sedaris at the Orpheum Theater again with Ms. Linh. She is now a fan of his.
  • Oct 24 – The last time I hear anything from Ms. Marie.
  • Oct 29 – Watched the Foo Fighters open for Bob Dylan at the Xcel with Ms. Linh.
  • Nov 4 – The first time I listened to Mignon Fogarty’s podcast, Absolute Science. Reanimates my podcast interest.
  • Nov 5 – My concert weekend streak officially ends.
  • Nov 10 – Watched Roger’s band play at Half-Time Rec with Debbie.
  • Nov 20 – Saw a girl at Caribou that looked *exactly *like Rory Gilmore who is now referred to as Ror-a-like.
  • Dec 15 – Watched Shannon Curfman at Shaw’s Bar & Grill with Star – her first blues rock concert.
  • Mid Dec – Saw a girl at Caribou who kind of resembled Rory. Now there may be two Ror-a-likes or this is the original Ror-a-like and she didn’t really look like Rory in the first place.
  • Dec 24 – Took a photo trek to Rice Park to capture the giant Christmas tree.
  • Dec 28 – Drove down to Sioux Falls to meet Mai at her family’s place.
  • Dec 30 – Mai and I drive back to beautiful Minnesota to spend New Year’s here together.

Well, that’s my list. I think everyone should of made one of these lists in one fashion or another. See you all on the other side.



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