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iPod Touch Hands On

iPod Touch AngledToday, after work, I went to the local Apple store to see if they had the iPod Touch there. To my surprise, they actually had a few to demo. I think the supply that they had were sold out for the day. I decided to spend some time playing with it. I came to a few conclusions. The biggest surprise is how thin it is. It’s super thin and smaller than I thought. The music and movie functionality of it is amazing and fast. Flipping through your library has never been easier. The more I used it the crappier the click wheel feels. Safari was kind of slow though. It works really well, better than any other smart phone. I checked out my Flickr page on it and it looked great. I easily zoomed in on my pictures and they were still crisp and clear. The Flickr slideshow function didn’t work, but I really didn’t expect it to. It’s would be awesome to be able to get online on an iPod at hotspots. After I played with the Touch, I checked out the new nano and classic. I have to say that CoverFlow sucks butt on them. It’s slow and stuttery. The classic is also a lot thicker than the Touch. It’s still thinner than my iRiver though. I can see why Apple decided to go with flash memory on the Touch. It’s runs faster than the classic and the nano. Still, 16GB is so restrictive.



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