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Book: Les Halles Cookbook

Les Halles Cookbook

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I just got this yesterday after buying my new knife. I started reading the introduction and it's already got me hooked. Even if I don't end up cooking anything from this, I'd still read the whole thing just because Anthony Bourdain is just so good at saying what he wants. Nothing is held back. It's just the truth and he's hilarious. If you don't understand what I mean, go watch No Reservations on the Travel Channel, not the Catherine Zeta-Jones movie that totally ripped the title from it. I warn you, the show is frickin' addictive.

Les Halles Cookbook is not your ordinary recipe book. It's contains the recipes that Tony actually serves at Les Halles (only scaled down). However, the manner in which he writes the instructions is in his style of writing. Sarcastic. Mean. Blunt. Humorous. It's great so far. I can't say how good the actual recipes are until I try them out. I'm sure they're great though.



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