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Cooking: Poulet Basquaise

Poulet Basquaise
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This is my first attempt at one of Anthony Bourdain’s recipe. It was a total success. The recipe from Les Halles Cookbook. I picked one of the easier ones. It was very easy. Simple ingredients. After cooking it once, I know I can throw out this dish in just over half an hour. That’s a very comforting thought. Such a delicious dish with relatively small amount of work. I can’t wait to try out more of his recipes.

This is also my first meal (not counting the apple) that I prepared with my new chef knife. I actually didn’t use it that much since there wasn’t that much prep work.

After cooking this dish, I can definitively recommend the Les Halles Cookbook. His instructions are well-worded and easy to understand. If you can stand being called an “idiot” or told to use your apron as a noose to hang yourself, you’ll love it. Cruel to be kind, right? And if you watch his show enough, or listen to his audio books, you can hear his distinct voice instructing you in your head. Maybe that just me.



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