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Radio: Act V

This American Life Logo I never hide the fact that This American Life is one of my favorite radio shows. If you ignore the fact that some of my favorite people (David Sedaris and Sarah Vowell) as guests at times, it is still one of the best produced, hilarious, topical, intriguing, and captivating show around.

Recently, I’ve been behind a few episodes. Today, I just listened to the episode, Act V, originally aired in 2002, reaired on October 12, 2007. This was a great episode that I think everyone should try to listen to. Reporter and TAL contributor Jack Hitt follows a group of inmates who stage a performance of the fifth act of Hamlet. 

It was amazing to see how powerful Shakespeare’s writing is. What was more interesting was listening to how these inmates were actually moved by the play and also how much the audiences are moved by their performance.



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