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Guitar: Taylor Now Solid

Taylor Solidbody LogoI just got an email newsletter from Taylor announcing a solidbody guitar line. I’m not sure what I make of this. Taylor makes some of the most beautiful acoustic guitars I have ever laid my humble hands on. They are absolutely amazing. However, I’ve played their T5 (semi-hollow) line and I was not very impressed by it. I’m a hesitant to give these solidbodies a try. I mean, I will, but I’m hesitant. It looks like they’re using mini-humbuckers on the classic and custom. I think I’d try the standard that’s equipped with humbuckers. As for looks, it’s a Les Paul variants. It looks like they’re flat-tops. I’m not to keen on it. I prefer the look of my Les Paul Junior. If only I can leave work before Guitar Center closes one of these days, I’ll go check one out.

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