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Coffee: El Café Mas Fina

Coffee CupToday I went to A Fine Grind Coffeehouse. It’s located on Marshall Ave right next to Izzy’s. I didn’t notice it until last week when I went to Izzy’s for some delicious ice cream. I guess I’m usually too focused on getting my ice cream that I’ve not noticed A Fine Grind. I’m glad I actually went in today. First off, it’s quite roomy in there. Plenty of seating with a back room with cozier seats.

As always, I ordered a cappuccino as my benchmark same as when I order bun bo hue at every Vietnamese restaurant I try out. It was good. Great balance of froth to milk to espresso. The ambiance was awesome. Very comfortable and lighting was low but not too low that you’d call it dark. The service was great. Friendly. It was fairly busy for a Sunday evening. The customers looked to be mostly college students with there books and laptops. I’m not sure if they have free WiFi. It is definitely a perfect place to go read or study. There wasn’t any music blaring. I actually cannot recall if there was any music playing. I highly recommend A Fine Grind if you have not been already. I will definitely go back again. It’s sort of a deadly combo having a creamery and a coffeehouse right next to one another.



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