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Twitter: Stalking Made Easy

Twitter LogoAfter hearing for so long from the Twit crew using Twitter, I have finally decided to try it out. It’s basically a system dedicated to super short mini-bloglike posts. You can post tweets (twitter posts) from their site or as I have set it up, from your phone via SMS. This is just a big experiment for me to see how much of my short minutes of free time by posting tweets.

I already started using this morning. It’s been a pretty interesting day. If you were to view my twitter timeline only today, I’d seem like I have a lot going on in my life. I think on a typical day, you may die of boredom reading my tweets. I made a new section for twitter in my sidebar. So now my friends can keep track of me or strangers may stalk me easier. We’ll see how long I end up using it.



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