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Steve Jobs Delivering Keynote at MacWorld 2008

Apple Logo iMac StyleNothing unexpected here. But it’s officially announced now. The big question is what is going to be announced. The only rumor going around is an ultra mobile laptop. That bodes well for me. I want apple to announce one so that I don’t end up buying the Asus Eee PC. As much as I want to buy that right now, I feel like if I do, Apple will announce the perfect laptop for me and I’d be kicking myself again. I did buy the last-gen Nano a month before the current one was released. I’m not too pissed at that, but a notebook would be different. Even if Jobs doesn’t announce a ultra mobile, an updated MacBook would work too. Something a little lighter and more powerful than the current generation. It’s time to update that line. I don’t really give a crap about a new iPhone, unless they release a 64GB, 3G, unlocked version. The big keynote is on January 15th, 2008. I’ll wait and see. It’s weird how there’s so little rumors flying about.



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