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Music: Stevie Ann

Stevie AnnAfter watching her cover of Toxic, I had to see what this girl is about. Stevie Ann is a young Dutch singer-songwriter. From the video, I see that she’s also quite adept at the guitar. She cites Joni Mitchell and Bonnie Raitt as her influences. Both are great choices. She’s now listening to artists like John Mayer, Gillian Welsch and Shawn Colvin.
Her official site, stevieann.com, is pretty sweet. It’s a full Flash site. It’s a little slow, but well-designed and implemented. It’s all in Dutch though. I managed to find my way around. Her music is a little bit too country for my taste. I’m going to give it a little more listening time. She’s got a great voice.

One thing I do know is that she’s no Sara Bareilles. I still have a major music crush on that girl!

Stevie Ann’s official site

Stevie Ann’s MySpace



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