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Happy New Years!

Wine CorkHappy New Years! Another year has gone by. Let’s hope 2008 will bring the special goodness we all want. I definitely ushered in the new year with a little style. I celebrated it this year in San Francisco with my best friend, Mai. We went to a bar/lounge near downtown called Bambuddha Lounge. There was a lot of liquor involved. It was fun. I’ll have a more detailed posting on my trip later.

Here is my tentative New Year’s Resolutions list:

  1. Figure out my tattoo idea
  2. Start a 365 set on Flickr (already did this one)
  3. Take more photos that are not so journalistic
  4. Redesign my portfolio site
  5. Do more than running to stay in shape
  6. Write more whether it’s blogging, music or whatever

That’s my temporary list. I may change it or add to it. It’s good to see it listed out. I’m not a big new year’s resolution type so we’ll see how I do.



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