Wasted Continuum
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I Have a Backup

Waiting I finally had to go a get a new phone to replace my dying Razr. I’ve had that phone for four years now. I’ve been doing some phone research for a few weeks now and I don’t like anything I’ve seen so far. I want to wait for the Android-based phones to appear before I buy a new one. I tend to buy phones that are worth it and last many years. Since there aren’t any really cool phones out right now, I went to Target and picked up a T-Mobile Pay-As-You-Go phones for $29.99. It’s a Nokia 2610. I swapped in my SIM card and it was good to go. It’s a super slow phone with very little functions. The worst thing about it is that it has no T9 capability for texting. This sucks because I kept messing up when I was trying to twitter with it. I guess I’ll have to get used to it. The only cool phone I’ve seen so far is the HTC Touch Dual, but it’s not cool enough right now to warrant it hefty price tag.

I think right now I’m going to try to stick with my Razr and carry the Nokia with me as backup.



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