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Thoughts on Apple Keynote

MacBook AirOk, I’m a few days late on this post, but my database server was down. There’s already a lot of coverage on everything that was announced at the keynote at MacWorld 2008 so I don’t need to go into details about everything. Here’s my quick take on the announcements.

Time Capsule – Wireless N network storage and works as a router. Comes in 500GB ($299) or 1TB ($499). Also backs up your system with Time Machine. Pretty sweet. Not a crazy price since it’s a wireless N router. I don’t think I need one though.

iPhone/iPod Touch – Software updates on both. Nothing too interesting. iPhone still doesn’t have copy and paste. Update for iPhone is free. For the iPod, it’s $20. Lame. Didn’t care about this announcement. There’s still not enough storage space on either for me to buy them.

iTunes Movie Rentals – Rent movies to play on iTunes, iPods, iPhones, Apple TV. All major studios are signed up. 30 days to start watching. 24 hours to finish watching. $2.99 for older movies. $3.99 for new releases. One dollar more for HD quality. Obviously Jobs wants some market share from NetFlix. Cool system. I’m not sure if I’d use it. I like owning my movies because I like to watch them over and over. But this will very convenient for a lot of people. It’ll definitely beat Blockbuster’s system. I don’t know if it can knock down NetFlix though. NetFlix better respond to this soon.

Apple TV Take 2 – No computer required. Rent movies straight off the Apple TV ($229). Free software updates to existing units.

MacBook Air – The ultra-mobile everyone has been buzzing about, myself included. 13.3″ LED backlit widescreen. Thinnest (0.16″) notebook ever. 1.6GHz Core 2 Duo with 80GB HD for $1799. 1.8GHz Core 2 Duo with 64GB SSD for $3,098. Wireless N. Multi-touch trackpad. Built-in iSight. No optical drive. No firewire. One USB port. 5 hour battery life. Battery is not user replaceable. Sexy as hell. This is the only thing that excited me. It is, as always, bittersweet. I wanted a ultra-mobile so I could bring it around and write/blog/surf wherever I want to. Right now, my 17″ Sager is just too heavy and cumbersome for me to do that on a regular basis. I would pre-order right now if it were priced at $1499. The firewire issue and the battery issue I can probably live with. My biggest concern is the single USB port that it offers. It would be annoying to keep having to unplug my mouse if I need to attach a flash drive or a USB HD (since I can’t do firewire). Maybe I can live with it. I’ll wait a little while before I consider it. I know every computer company out there has been trying to crank out ultra-mobiles since the Asus Eee PC was released late last year. Heck, I almost bought one of those. Asus should be release a 8GB 10″ version soon. I’ll go check it out at the Apple store first. Lenovo is coming out with a 11.1″ IdeaPad in March that might be interesting. Their 15.4″ widescreen is going for $649.97 right now. I’m sure it’ll be less that the MacBook Air.


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