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Lots of Sitting

BacklitMy whole Sunday consisted of a lot of sitting. I started out the day by watching a Chinese New Year dance performance thing with my friend at the St. Thomas campus. It was definitely not what I expected. Most Asian New Year events are grander or more produced. This was definitely a smaller production. There was a lot of dancing and a little singing. Overall, it was fun. There was one performance that was consisted of three acts. In the first act, they did some old school jazz dance. In the second act, the jazz dancers watched the Chinese dancers do some traditional Chinese dance. In the last act, they all danced together and combined both styles.

After the New Year thing, we met up with another friend at the movies and watched Cloverfield. I think I can recommend that movie as long as you can tolerate the hand-held camera action. I did feel a little nauseous during parts of the film. I think the director did a great job of editing it so that the “footage” seemed realistic, but not drawn out like it would be if every second of the event was filmed. You’ll understand what I mean when you see it.

After sitting through the movie, we migrated next door to Granite City and had a nice dinner. Now I’m sitting a home in front of my desktop blogging about sitting all day long. I’m going to get up now.



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