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Long Day

UnwellIt’s been a long day and I’m not feeling well. I woke up with a sore throat this morning. Actually the whole week has been hectic. Projects are piling up at work. When I get off work, I have Chinese New Year stuff to do. On top of that, I’ve been trying to repair my dying laptop. I still think there’s a hardware issue and it may go soon. That would really suck cause I just spent about $900 on getting new tires for my car. I can’t afford to replace my laptop right now. It’s been bugging me a lot. It’s hard on a geek to know that his laptop is dying and there’s nothing I can do about it. The fun part is that I do get to research new laptop options now. It definitely is not in my budget right now to get one.

I went to check out the MacBook Air today for the first time. It is gorgeous. It is hands-down the most stylish laptop out on the market right now. Pair it up with a Gelaskins and you’ll have every head turning when you’re sitting in a cafe with it. I have to decide if it’s too restricted with the single USB port and 80GB hard drive. The screen is beautiful and the multi-touch track pad works really well. It’s very tempting. However, the MacBook Pro has been heavily rumored to be updated in a few weeks. I think that will probably be a better time for me to make a purchase anyway.

I also checked out the new iPod Touch with the 32GB hard drive. It’s pretty much the exact same as the old ones except with more capacity. I just wanted to check out the new apps that they added to all the iPod Touches after MacWorld. I think I’ll pull the trigger on that one as soon as they drop the price. I can work with 32GB. 16GB is just unacceptable.



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