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Cooking: Dinner for the Family

Poulet Cuisses MaisonThis past week was filled with big dinners because of the Chinese New Year. My parents did a lot of cooking for us. So last night I decided to cook a nice dinner for them. I made soupe au pistou. It’s a French vegetable soup with pistou. Pistou is similar to pesto. It was nice a hearty and tasty. I also made a leeks vinaigrette salad. The vinaigrette turned out amazingly well. The tangy red wine vinegar was perfectly balanced by the egg. I definitely would make it again. Both the soup and salad are Anthony Boudain recipes. His book, Les Halles, hasn’t failed me yet.

For the main course I made poulet cuisses maison (chicken thighs). It’s basically seared then cooked on medium heat. A vinegar based sauce is made from the chicken fat afterwards. This is the first main course recipe I tried from Jacques Pepin. I have made a couple vegetable dishes from his recipes before with great success. This dish was no different. I got it from his book The Short-Cut Cook. This was a quick and simple recipe with big payoff.

I uploaded photos of the food on my Flickr account.



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