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Birthday is Over

Plate 'o SushiMy birthday is officially over. I am now 29. I’m not big on birthdays. Never really have been. Most of mine have been fairly low-key since as long as I remember. This year wasn’t any different. Started out with another busy day at work. After work, I rushed down to Sears to get my driver’s license renewed being that it was the last day I can renew without a bunch of paperwork. Yes, there’s a license bureau on the second level of the Sear store. It’s the cranky side of Sears. After I got my photo taken by a grumpy employee, I headed out to dinner with my family. They treated me to Japanese food (one of my favorite) at Sakura in downtown Saint Paul. I ate a lot of sushi. I have plenty of photos on my Flickr. All in all, it was good. I’m still stressed out a little from work. Projects are piling up, but I guess I’ll get through it. I always do. Here’s to my last year of my twenty’s. Not that I’m counting.



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