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Lack of Motion

I N J U (R E D)There’s been way too many twitter update posts in a row. I have obviously been lacking in the blogging aspect of my life. I have been keeping up with my Flickr 365 project. There was one day when I was without my Canon Rebel XT. I had to resort to my Razr. Thankfully, that was only for one day. If any of you photographers (of any level) have not done a 365 project, you definitely should. It really forces you to think more about photography and also get you more comfortable with the idea of shooting everyday. I thought I was going to run out of ideas in a week and end up with over 300 plus myspace-esque pics. I think I may have only a few of those kind.

I have not abandoned my blog and I will be more active. This is why the twitter updates help me. I have a nice visual marker of how long I haven’t been writing. There’s a lot of things I want to write about and I will try to get to them tonight. Thank you to the readers who are still checking Wasted Continuum. And thank you Google Analytics for letting me know I still have readers! Remember, you can always add my rss feed (http://www.wastedcontinuum.com/feed/) to your favorite rss reader. I have used Sage (a Firefox add-on), FeedDemon (standalone application, maybe Windows only) and Google Reader (web-based reader). Currently, I’m using Google Reader. It’s easy to use and I’m really liking the features.

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