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Trying Out FoodFeed

FoodFeed LogoI am not sure how long FoodFeed has been around, but it’s a neat idea. It’s basically a site that takes specific twitter posts about what you’re eating and creates a page accessible by anyone with just those tweets. The way it works is simple. First you need to have a twitter account. Next, you add the user “having” as a friend. After that, you basically are good to go. The next time you’re eating something, you send a message to FoodFeed via @having or d having. That post will be added to your FoodFeed which you can access at http://javajunky.foodfeed.us/ (substitute javajunky with your twitter username). Your friends or strangers can even subscribe to a rss feed of your FoodFeed. Ultimately, this is yet another way to get sucked into twitter.

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