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R.I.P. JavaLappy

Death AvertedNot even a full day later from when I ordered a new MacBook Pro does my old Sager laptop, a.k.a. JavaLappy, decides to retire early. I placed my order around midnight last night. This morning when I woke up. I found my JavaLappy rebooted and stuck on an IDE controller error screen. After multiple tries of rebooting, I called it. My notebook was dead. Most likely from a motherboard error, but this cannot be confirmed without a thorough computer autopsy. I can’t believe it couldn’t hold on until my MacBook was delivered. Luckily, I backed up everything important a couple weeks ago when I reinstalled Windows on it. This is why you should always back up! I hope Apple processes my order quickly and get it to me by Monday.

Goodbye my lovely JavaLappy. You have served me well over the years.



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