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Getting Over the Flu: Do Over

I actually wrote a lengthy post last night about what I’ve been up to the last few days. Apparently, sometime during the beginning of my writing of the post, my database server went down and WordPress was not saving my progress. I was not aware of this. When I finished my post and hit publish, I hit an error page and realized that the database server was not functioning properly. When I hit back, I lost everything, but two sentences that saved before the server went down. Being that this is not a term paper for school that I need to turn in, I’m not going to try to rewrite it. Instead, I’ll give you the short summary.

On Wednesday, I started getting sick. I probably picked up a miniature version of the flu from the office. Thursday, I was in full swing with the sickness. I had the chills and headaches. I left work a little early and went straight to bed. Friday, felt slightly better. I still had the chills and the headaches, but I also had eyeaches. I worked a full day, but after work, I went home and passed out again. Saturday, I was able to go out and have lunch with my family. Didn’t see them for a few days. At night I was able to go to dinner at my grandparents. Right after that, I went home and slept right away. Sunday was my recovery day. It was my first day where I felt more healthy than sick. Today, I’m feeling fine with just a few residual moments of ill.

Other than that, my aunt is still in possession of my camera. I borrowed my sister’s camera yesterday and shot some photos. I should get my camera back Tuesday. My MacBook Pro should arrive on Wednesday. I can’t wait for it. Just watch though. I bet you Jobs will announce a new MacBook Air Pro or something tomorrow morning just to screw with me. It’s weird not having a laptop. I’ve been a laptop person for like four years now, at least for personal use. I’ve been associating desktop with work. My Sager has been my main computer since I’ve had it.

So that was my last few days. There were details I left out, but that was generally it. You didn’t miss out on much. If you want to read some random stuff I did, you can always check out the twitter update posts or just follow me on twitter. You can also check out the small set of photos that I’ve uploaded recently on my Flickr.



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