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Hit the Ground Running

Today is my first time running since the Turkey Day 5K. My goal last year was to start running to improve my lung capacity. I signed up for the Turkey Day 5K as a motivator and it worked. It kept my running schedule fairly consistent. I’m glad to say that after getting into running, my lungs have been healthier. I haven’t had any significant asthma attacks since I started training. I didn’t really push myself to run in the dead of winter. This is mostly because I’m running to improve my lungs not really to get into shape. I’m in good physical health. I’m definitely not fit and in shape like I was in college, but I’m no slouch.

I told myself I would start running again as soon we have a good 3-5 days of temperature in the 30’s or above. Today is the first of supposedly five days of 30’s to 40’s. With that, I packed my running gear and brought it to work with me. As soon as I was finished with work, I drove a few minutes down to the river and just started to run. It wasn’t too bad. It was sunny and 34 degrees out. It was 22 degrees during the Turkey Day 5K, so today was nothing. I ended up running 2.7 miles. I’m not sure how accurate my Nano is since I haven’t calibrated in months. I’m guessing I may have only ran 2.5 miles. I’m going to try and calibrate it tomorrow and see if I can run 5K on Wednesday.

I felt great to run again. I had a huge appetite for dinner. After dinner I came home and did some free weights.



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