Wasted Continuum
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Running In The Snow

This week is almost as warm as last week. I haven’t ran since last Monday. Today was actually a little warmer, but it was snowing. Good size flakes were coming down from the sky while I ran my new route along the Mississippi river. I’m liking the route so far. Last week there were a few people to be seen. Today was like a Stephen King movie, completely empty except for me. It was good though. My breathing was good and my legs kept up. My ginormous hot turkey lunch gave me some minor side cramps when I started, but I worked through it and it went away. I ended up running 5K or at least something close. I think my calibration is off on my Nike+. I’m not sure I can believe I ran it in 21’57” today. My fastest time is 21’43” and I don’t think I ran as well as that time. I really need to check the calibration tomorrow.



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