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Flickr Turned 4

Flickr_turns4.gif In slightly old news, Flickr turned 4 last Saturday. As most of you may have noticed, I use Flickr extensively. I know there are other alternatives, like SmugMug, for online photo display, but I love Flickr. It’s so easy to use especially if you use the Flickr Uploadr app. I use it everyday to upload, name, tag and organize my photos I share. It supports drag and drop. It makes it so easy to work with multiple files before you even upload them. It’s great.

If you need any more reasons to love Flickr, here’s a list of why I do:

  • Easy to upload
  • Great web 2.0 online organizer – Drag and drop, click on almost any text to edit, and more.
  • The community – Join or create a group with a common interest. With privacy levels, you can set other users as friends or family so only the people you want to see your photos are allowed.
  • Make friend – This is kind of related to the last point. You can meet other photographers to inspire, challenge or just humor you.
  • Maps – You can place your photos on a map to show where you took them. You can browse other people’s maps to see what photos have been taken in any particular area around the world.
  • It’s global – It’s kind of cool to see photos from around the world and talk with people from places you’ve never been.
  • Make stuff with your photos – Flickr can be integrated into many online stores to make things with your photos. There’s ImageKind, QOOP, MOO, Zazzle, just to name a few. I love MOO. Check out my MOO cards here.
  • Basic backup – Flickr is also a good backup for your photos. It’s not ideal, but I use it as my last resort backup for my favorite photos.
  • It’s free – Basic membership is completely free. You’re limited to how many photos you can upload a month and you can only have 3 set for organizing. The Pro Account is $24.95 a year or $47.99 a year. It’s a must for anyone who’s like me.
  • Flickr API – This one’s for the programmers. Flickr has an API for developers to use.

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