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Rollergirls: A Night of Violence On Wheels

rollergirls_logo.jpg Last night, I attended a MN Rollergirls game, my second time ever. There were two matches. The first match was between the Garda Belts and the Atomic Bombshells. The second match was between the Rockits and the Dagger Dolls. I was really there to watch the Rockits beat the Dolls.

The first game between the Garda Belts and the Atomic Bombshells was a very low scoring game. The first period of their game went smoothly. Both teams scored somewhat consistently with the lead switch back and forth. For the most part, the game was not very exciting due to the fact that the jammers on both teams were just not getting through the pack and as a result, did not score much. In the second period, things got exciting. This is not because they started scoring, neither team did much of that. Towards the end of their game, it was an all out penalty competition. Fights were breaking out every round. A couple of players were ejected. During the last seconds of the game, players from both benches rushed out to the track and started rumbling. It was ridiculous yet fun to watch.

The other bout between the Rockits and the Dagger Dolls was much more exciting. Not because the game was neck to neck, but more that the team I was cheering for, the Rockits, annihilated the Dolls. It was a blow out. The first half was close though. The Rockits were up 23-17. The jammers from both teams were consistent. In the second period, it was a different story. Thanks to the amazing performance by the jammers, led by the amazing Jawbreaker and Vuedoo Prodigy, the Rockits racked up the points while their blockers holding off the Dolls’ jammers. The Rockits finished off the game at 56-21. The game did end on a bitter note. During the last minute of the game, Jawbreaker was playing the blocker position with Vuedoo as jammer. I didn’t see exactly what happened, but apparently one of the players on the Dagger Dolls came up behind Jawbreaker and tried to take her down, pulling her from the neck. I can’t remember which player did it so I don’t want to name the wrong person. It was a major penalty which led to the player being ejected from the game. An inside source said that it might even lead to a suspension from the next game. This means missing the championship game between the same two teams.

The Rockits are still undefeated and from last night’s game, I predict they win again. The next game will be on April 12th at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium. If you haven’t attended one of these games before, you are missing out. Do yourself a favor and check it out. I faux-liveblogged most of the games on my twitter.



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