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Crumpler Arrived

Crumpler Love I just got my Crumpler delivered to me today. I bought the Part and Parcel which is a roomy bag for 15″ laptops. I wanted a laptop bag to keep my MacBook Pro protected when I take it out and about. I’m a big fan of Crumpler after purchasing the Six Million Dollar Home for my camera. I haven’t had a lot of time to play with my case yet. Crumpler owners would understand that. There are many well thought out compartments in every Crumpler bag. They put a lot of work into designing it with the customer in mind. I bought it off Amazon for $160. I think it’s the same price almost anywhere unless you have a discount coupon. The Part and Parcel comes in a variety of colors. I got the Black/Gun Metal one.I will have a full review of it soon, hopefully tomorrow. I will also put some photos up on my Flickr with it in action.

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