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Hulu: Not Too Shabby

hulu_logo.png Hulu is a new video streaming service owned by NBC Universal. It launched earlier this year in March. I really didn’t give it a look since it came out. I think I glanced at the site when it was in beta and I remember it not being very useful. Last week, however, I finally gave it a chance and checked it out. After hearing talk about it on a recent episode of TWIT, I wanted to see if Hulu was just a wasted of space.

For those of you who have not heard or seen Hulu yet, it basically is a video streaming site that provides video clips, full TV shows and movies with limited advertising. I was surprised by how minimal the advertisement was. I was a couple episodes of My Name is Earl and the only commercial I really noticed was the beginning screen where it said the episode was brought to you by HP or something like that. On another night, I watched one of my favorite episodes from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I Only Have Eyes For You. It was awesome. They have the first two seasons of Buffy.

They don’t only have full episodes of older shows. As I mentioned before, they have Earl and other new shows like The Office. They have a decent selection of movies too, a lot of them full-length. The video quality is good. It is at a much higher resolution than YouTube. You should definitely check out Hulu. It is great for catching up on certain shows or movies or even to discover new shows.



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