Wasted Continuum
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Nike+ Recalibrated

I finally recalibrated my Nike+ today. It was much more accurate afterwards. I haven’t ran in almost two weeks because of my crazy work schedule lately. I got off work at a decent time today. It felt good to run again. It was a little chilly though. I was expecting mid-40’s, but it was 39 when I started running. I didn’t have my winter running gear with me, just my regular running gear and a hoody. It was not that bad after I warmed up. My left ankle didn’t want to run today. I had to stop for a minute halfway through and stretch it out. It was fine after that. I really need to make a new music mix though. It’s not motivating enough. I’m still aiming to hit 10K in two weeks. It’ll be tough, but I think I can do it.



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