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drobo.jpg Yesterday, while I was importing new photos into Lightroom, I got a dreaded message saying that I did not have enough hard drive space to complete my import. I’ve been sort of lazy with my backup lately. This is bad especially because most of my photos are only on one location at this moment. I’ve been intending on backing up my photos for almost two months now so I took the message as a sign. I have a NAS drive on my network right now, but that’s almost full. I figured I needed to step up my backup system to the next level because I know hard drives will fail and I don’t want to lose my data. I really don’t want to lose my photos. It was time to get a Drobo.

I’ve been looking at the Drobo as an option for a while. Drobo is a little robot that manages up to four hard drives for you and makes them accessible to your computer as if it were one hard drive. It automatically pools your data among the drives you feed it. It alerts you when a drive fails or if you’re running out of space. It makes your life easier by letting you not have to worry about your data. When you get to a point where you are running out of space, simply swap out the smallest drive with a bigger one. Drobo will automatically integrate the new drive.

The Drobo is highly recommended in the tech world. It’s often talked about by Leo Laporte on his TWiT shows. He uses it himself. Cali Lewis of GeekBrief.TV, iCali, and DearCali, also uses and recommends the Drobo. She actually provides a promo code to get $50 off the Drobo at the Drobostore. Thank you, Cali! You can get that promo code by watching GeekBrief or visiting her site. I know there are other sites that have promo codes for it, but you should use Cali’s only because it supports GeekBrief which is my favorite video podcast. Cali and Neal do an amazing job bringing the geeky to the masses.

I guess the absolute tipping point was when I added the Drobo to my cart and was still debating whether or not I should hit the submit button. I decided to see what Cali had to say about it, if she had any quick pros and cons or whatever. So I tweeted Cali on Twitter about it not really thinking she would respond. This is what she had to say:


How am I to argue with that? Cali said “Dooo iiiiitttt!” I had no choice, right? Seriously, this is the best option for me. I might have enough parts to put together a Linux server, but I’m way too lazy to deal with that right now. I’m also paranoid that I’ll lose my data if I don’t back up soon. I will follow up when I get the Drobo tomorrow and migrate my data over to it. Maybe now I will actually organize my data.

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