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Yet Another Reason To Love Juno

junoEllenPage.jpg The day is near. April 15th. No, I’m not talking about tax day. Who cares about that? What I’m referring to is the day that Juno comes out on DVD. Yes, Juno, easily my favorite movie from last year. I, and I’m sure I’m not alone on this one, am crazy about Ellen Page. Before Juno, I mostly knew her work on Hard Candy and a small part on X-Men. Hard Candy was such a great heavy, dramatic movie. I thought Page was just intense in it. When I watched Juno, I was blown away at not only how amazing she is at comedy but that she has musical talent. If you are one of the seven people in this world that has not seen Juno yet you can get a small taste of it at Amazon. They have an exclusive deleted scene on there of Ellen singing and playing the guitar in some cafe. It doesn’t spoil the movie in any way. It’s a great clip. I will run out and buy it on Tuesday.



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