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Black Keys Tomorrow Night

Two Tickets To Rock On I haven’t been to a concert in a little while. I guess I don’t go to as many concerts as I used to. Maybe this summer, I’ll start going to smaller shows. I think I miss it. Tomorrow night, I’ll be watching the Black Keys perform at First Avenue. It’s going to be a killer show, I’m sure. The band consists of Dan Auerbach (on vocals and guitar) and Patrick Carney (on drums). Two guys. Two instruments. That’s it. They have a really raw, rock sound. They just released a new album, Attack and Release. I heard a little bit of it. It definitely sounds different than their last album, Magic Potion. Jay Reatard will be opening for them. I haven’t heard of him. I checked out his MySpace profile. Apparently he’s punk. It’s not bad. I think I’d like to see how he is live.



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