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Art Crawl Preparation

Assembly The Saint Paul Art Crawl is next weekend, April 25-27. I will be showing a small sample of my photography this year thanks to Star, who is letting me use part of her space. Being the procrastinator that I am, I have more or less waited until the weekend before the showing to actually start preparing for it. This is the major reason why I haven’t been blogging much. If you keep up with my Twitter feed, you can kind of see what I’ve been doing to prepare. I finally ordered my print from Mpix Saturday night. I really like Mpix. I’ve used them several times for my photos and every time, they have came out brilliantly.

Today, I shopped for frames all around town. It was hard to do because this may have been the first day this year that has been 70 and sunny. I just wanted to be outside. I did take a short break to get an extra dirty chai and walk around Grand Avenue. I’ve decided to call a dirty chai with two shots extra dirty. It was relaxing walking with my extra dirty chai and my iPod pumping music straight into my brain. I walked from Victoria all the way down to Dale where I stopped into Penseys for the first time. It’s spice heaven in there. I bought some cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and vanilla bean which I just finished using to brew some chai.

So the things I have left to do are (and I hope I can finish most of them tomorrow):

  • Buy the rest of my frames
  • Get some material for name plaques
  • Get black spray paint
  • Decide on arrangement
  • Figure out some food ideas
  • Jazz up my website

If you’re around the Twin Cities area, you should check out the Art Crawl. There are all forms of art being displayed and performed around the town. There’s a lot of information on stpaulartcrawl.org including a map.

Saint Paul Art Crawl Spring 2008
Friday April 25, 6-10 pm – Sat April 26, 2-10 pm – Sun April 27, noon-5 pm

I will be displaying at the Lowertown Lofts on Friday and Saturday only. I will be checking out the Art Crawl myself on Sunday. If you want to come see my photography or come by to say hi, please come on those two days. Star will also be performing magic on those two days. You can check out her website at www.magicianstar.com. Follow my Twitter to keep up to date about the Art Crawl.



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