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Thoughts On The Art Crawl

First I have officially survived my first photography showing at the Saint Paul Art Crawl this weekend. It’s been quite an experience. Everything went great. I got a couple inquiries on purchasing some of my photos. That’s always good to hear. I also had an interior designer ask me if I can shoot water towers and make poster size prints. The best thing about being at a gallery showing of your work is meeting people who are so excited and interested in your work. I heard a bunch of people make comments like “that’s nice” or “this one looks cool.” Those are great comments and I it good to hear that, but what I really loved are the people who were so intrigued that they had to flag me down and ask me a bunch of question about my photography. That’s the main reason why I put my photos out into the public. As long as I get people psyched about my work, I’ll keep doing it.

There are a few things I would have changed knowing what I know now. First thing is that I need to prepare a lot earlier. I literally left everything to the last week. Second, I should of prepared more support material (i.e. business cards, postcards, more informative website, etc.). Last, I think I should of promoted it a little more.

Overall, it was a great experience despite all the sleep deprivation. I also walked around the Art Crawl myself on Sunday. Saw quite of bit of great work. I’m sometimes fearful that art is not as strong as it used to. I’m feeling more that it is okay and that is good.

I have quite a bit of photos that I took from the whole weekend. I will slowly add the ones I like to my Flickr. I have a Art Crawl 2008 set created already.



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