Wasted Continuum
The space between…

50mm of Sadness

My Broken Heart So one of the worst things that could happen to a photographer happened to me today. I had my camera in a tripod which I though was locked in. When let go of my camera, it came off of the tripod and fell to the hardwood floor. My camera landed on my 50mm 1.8 lens that was attached at the moment. It all happened so quickly. My lens was in two pieces.

I immediately checked to see the extent of the damage, but I already knew that my lens was done for. Luckily my camera body was still working fine. At first I thought my camera broke too because it wouldn’t turn on. After I switched the battery, I saw that my camera was okay. I’m just really sad that my 50mm is gone now. That was my favorite lens. Now the question is should I replace it with another 1.8 or should I save up a little and get the 1.4. The 1.8 is $86.28 and the 1.4 is $325. I don’t know I did get to use the 1.4 for a day and it was fun.



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