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San Diego This Thursday

My work will be bringing me to San Diego this Thursday. I’ll be out there to help one of our clients set up a media manager system that our firm developed. I actually developed the core of the Flash application. It’s basically a network of about twelve Mac Minis. One Mini will be the media server and the rest will be nodes that are hooked up to vertical widescreen LCD’s. It’ll basically allow each node to select a playlist of animations and videos hosted by the Mini server.

My work there will mostly consist of supervising the setup of the network. After that, I think I get to chill out in San Diego. So if there are any San Diego readers or people familiar with the area reading this, please leave a comment if you know any cafes, bars, clubs, restaurants or just cool spots I should check out. I’ll be close to the convention center. I will have most of Thursday to kill.



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