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Packed for San Diego

San Diego Bound I’m all packed and ready to go to San Diego tomorrow. I’ll be bringing my camera with me and hopefully taking some cool city photos on Friday. I guess it depends on when I get off. Ideally, I should be done by early afternoon. I won’t have my laptop with me. I’ll have my company laptop (17″ MacBook Pro). I may not be able to upload any photos until I get back Saturday. We’ll see.

I will definitely be twittering, probably more than normal. My twitter name is @javajunky. Follow me, if you don’t already. If you’re not on twitter, sign up. It’s awesome!

Again, if anyone knows of a good coffeehouse or restaurant I should try, please leave me a comment. I want to go where the locals go. Don’t really care for the touristy places. I’m staying by the convention center on Harbor Drive and won’t have a car. So anything within walking distance is awesome!



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