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What Are Your Heart Songs?

Heart Songs So I’ve been a little down lately since my grandfather’s in the hospital. (He’s doing a little better today). After I left work today, I wanted to pick up the new Weezer album hoping to cheer me up. To say that music is a huge part of me is a massive understatement. There is almost always a song in my head or pumping into my ears or in my fingers when I’m holding a guitar or sitting in front of a piano. As I listened to the new Red Album, I got to track four, “Heart Song”. It’s about the songs that has that have been there for Rivers Cuomo.

Heart Songs
*These are the songs…
these are my heart songs
they never feel wrong
and when I wake for goodness sake…
these are the songs I keep singing *

Anyway, I really connected with this song because I can totally relate to it. I decided to make a list of my heart songs. These are the songs that I hold close to me and I never get sick of. Most of these songs have influenced me in one way or another. This list is not to be confused with songs that I love. That list is infinitely long. Last time I checked, my iTunes said I had like 50 days (not hours) of music and that’s not including the 200 plus CD’s I don’t have in mp3 format.

So I want to turn this on you guys.


Please share them in my comments for my Flickr photo.

I will have a review on the new Weezer album when things return a little bit back to normal. I actually bought the Deluxe album which contains four bonus tracks.



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