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Photowalk Through Como Plus a Monkey

It Was All Yellow It was a very gloomy Sunday, but I was determined to make it a good Sunday since I had to work on the last one…all day. My plan was simple. Grab my camera, drive to a park, walk, take photos. That is exactly what I did. I chose Como as my target today. I parked by the conservatory, but I didn’t actually go in there. I did that last time I was there. This time I just walked around. I strolled through Como Town, the amusement park. That is where I met Cocoa the Monkey. He decided to come with me for the rest of my photowalk. I ended up walking for about two hours or so. It was fun. I got a lot of weird looks from people because I had Cocoa the Monkey hanging on my arm and also because I was posing for photos with him.

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