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Jump In Views

flickrViews_20080625.jpg I made wish a few days ago. Not really a wish, but more of a question asking the powers that be if I can’t be famous, can I at least be Flickr famous? Well, I’m still not Flickr famous by any means, but for some odd reason, my daily views spiked like crazy yesterday. I wouldn’t consider my photostream to have high traffic. Before this month, I was averaging around 100-150 views a day. Pretty small numbers. These last two weeks, I’ve been average 300-400 views a day. Yesterday, was really crazy because I got 1,106 views. I only post one photo yesterday. Although it was an awesome photo of me doing the Fishstick, it only had 35 views. I don’t really know what it means or really care that much about it. I just thought it was interesting that on a day where I only posted one photo I get so many views and on some days where I post twenty or so photos I get an average amount.



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