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Fed My Drobo

Feed Me I finally got a second drive for my Drobo today. I’ve a 500GB drive in there since I originally got the storage robot back in April. Having only one drive did not provide protection against drive failure so I didn’t really use my Drobo yet. Today, I got my 750GB hard drive that I added to it. Now, according to my Drobo Dashboard, I have 461.42GB of protected data. I already backed up all my digital photos on there. That was a huge relief. That’s one of the major reason why I bought the Drobo. Next, I will back up my movies and my music on there. The Drobo is just so easy to use. I have to recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to deal with a RAID system and doesn’t want to worry about their sole backup drive failing on them. As of right now, Amazon is selling it for $474.67.

I wrote this last night, but had server problems. They are resolved now.



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