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Taste of Minnesota

Crowd For those of you who have been following my Flickr photostream this week may have noticed the lack of interesting photos. This week has been crazy and I did not have much time or even the energy to take any decent photos. I had a couple hours today to kill so I really wanted to use it to go on a photowalk. Since the Taste of Minnesota was this weekend, I thought that would be the best venue for it.

The Taste of Minnesota is a festival held every year during the July 4th weekend. It is a fair with food, games, and music. It’s kind of like the State Fair, but way, way smaller in scale and the food is not as good. I honestly did not find a lot of cool subjects to shoot when I was walking around. I ended up shooting most of my photos at the free concert. The Sick Puppies were playing on the main stage. They’re a trio from Sydney, Australia. They name Rage Against the Machine and Green Day as some of their influences. I definitely heard that in their set. They put on a great live show which included a hilarious hard rock cover of Say My Name by Destiny’s Child. The Sick Puppies are mostly known from their Free Hugs video on YouTube. They played All the Same, the song from the video.

I really enjoyed the show. I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t been to a show in a couple months, or because the show was free, or because I thought Emma Anzai, the bassist, was hot. All I know is that I had fun and I ended buying their album, Dressed Up As Life, when I got home today.

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