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I Met Grammar Girl

GrammarGirl and JavaJunky Today, I met Mignon Fogarty, one of my favorite podcasters. She is more commonly known as Grammar Girl in which she does a podcasts that gives a grammar tip in a fun and informative manner in every episode. I was introduced to her work on Absolute Science, her podcast about science. Being complete nerd when it comes to science, I quickly digested all the past episodes. Sadly, at the time that I started listening to Absolute Science was also when the show was nearing its end. Because I loved that podcast so much I wanted to give Grammar Girl a try too. Not surprisingly, I was hooked on it rather quickly.

The book signing was at Magers and Quinn in the Uptown area in Minneapolis. It’s a nice book store. It was my first time there today. Mignon started by reading the intro to her new book, Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips For Better Writing. After that, she took questions from the audience. There was a lot of talk about the decline of proper grammar in society. It was all very compelling. It was cool seeing her in person. I’m just so used to hearing her in my headphones.

She ended by giving out a few prizes and signing everyone’s books. When she finished signing my copy, I asked if I could have a picture with her. Mignon asked if I would post it on Flickr. Of course, my answer was “yes”. I also came prepared this time and gave her one of my moo cards that has my Flickr address on it. When she saw it, she read that my username was JavaJunky. At that point she said, and I’m paraphrasing, “You’re JavaJunky. You’ve been twittering all day!” It’s true. I did tweet about the book signing a several times during the day.

It was great meeting her. She’s as sweet as she sounds in her podcast and then some. I’d like to thank Christina for taking my photo with Grammar Girl.

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