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Full Saturday

Lamest. Sign. Ever. My friend, Linh, came back to Minnesota this weekend. We spent the bulk of Saturday together. We started with lunch at True Thai in Minneapolis. It was good. The price was also not bad compared to other Thai restaurants around the Twin Cities. After lunch, we took a walk through the Uptown Art Fair. I haven’t been to it in maybe three years. I think the last time I was there it was also ridiculously hot. I had my camera with me and finally gave my new Sigma 10-20mm lens a good break in. There were plenty of cool artwork to be seen. I really didn’t see anything that I wanted to purchase though. After the Art Fair, we went our separate ways for dinner. I had a large family dinner to go to.

After dinner, I met up with Linh and a group of her friends at the Imperial Room. It was my first time there. They have a slightly strict dress code. Luckily I was presentable. I had a fair amount of alcohol, but wasn’t able to get drunk without breaking the bank. That was a bummer. I still had fun. Worked the dance floor a little. It was all good.

All in all, it was a great day. I really needed it after working like crazy lately. It was mentally relaxing.

Uptown Art Fair Flickr set



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