Wasted Continuum
The space between…

Night At The Racetracks

Our office closed at 3pm and we all went to an open house party hosted by one of our vendors. There was free food and free booze. I also got a tour of their CD/DVD production line. I saw the whole process from when the disc is resin to molding into disc form to printing on it to packaging. It was kind of cool. Also entered a Guitar Hero contest and was in solid 2nd place. Not bad for my 6th song ever played in that game. I also ran into one of my teachers from the art school I went to.

Around 6pm, my coworkers and I went to the local racetrack, Canterbury Park. for another party hosted by another vendor. Again, more free food and free drink. The drinks were very watered down though. We watched the horsies race while fighting off a deadly bee and enjoying our refreshments. It was fun.



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