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Installed Lightroom 2

Landed Today I finally got a copy of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2. I have been a fan of Lightroom since the original beta. It has completely changed my digital photography workflow. Not only did it speed up my process, but it also helped me organize my whole operation. Lightroom covers everything from importing my photos all the way to exporting for web or print. It has also kept me from launching Photoshop on more than 99% of my photos. That was Lightroom 1.0. Lightroom 2 is levels above its predecessor. These are some of the new features that were not in the first version:

  • Local adjustment brush
  • Enhanced organizational tools
  • Volume management
  • Extensible architecture
  • Multiple monitor support
  • Flexible print package functionality
  • Streamlined Photoshop CS3 integration
  • Enhanced output sharpening
  • 64-bit support for Windows® and Mac OS

I’ve been using Lightroom 2 beta since it was released and I have been loving it. My beta ran out on August 31st which left me hanging. I had to go back to version 1.0. Let me tell you. After using 2, it is really difficult to go back to 1. There are so many little things that Adobe added to 2 that makes everything simpler and more intuitive, but you don’t really notice it until it’s gone. No that I got my copy of Lightroom 2 and I’m happy again. It seems quicker and more stable than the beta. I’m also running it in 64-bit mode. I’m not sure if that speeds anything up.

Lightroom allows me more time to do what I love most about photography and that is to shoot. Before Lightroom, processing my photos took forever making me not want to shoot so much. I highly recommend it. If you already have version 1 I would still consider paying less than $100 for the upgrade ($94.99 at Amazon). If you don’t have version 1, it’s definitely worth its $299 price tag ($274.99 at Amazon). I’ll be uploading my vacation photos now that I’m up and running again.



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