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Apple Event Tomorrow

appleLetsRock.png Yes there is another Apple event tomorrow, the 9th at 12pm Central. It’s obviously going to be iPod centric. There’s no question about that. The rumor mill has been hard at work for weeks. I personally do not think there will be any major surprises. But then again, I tend to underwhelmed by almost every keynote. Out of all the rumors out there, these are what I think are most likely.

  • iPod Nano with the vertical widescreen (almost a sure shot)
  • Larger capacity Touch at a lower price
  • iTunes 8

That’s what I’m thinking will be announced. I’m not really excited by any of it. If the Touch is priced at a low cost, say $249 or so, for a 64GB, I may be tempted to get one as a pda-like device. It’s funny because that would be the device I wanted back in January 2007 Macworld keynote. I wouldn’t consider buying a Touch until I get a look at the final specs of the HTC Dream.

I would not really consider the Nano unless again it’s at a lower price. I’d consider upgrading my lame 4GB gen2 Nano that keeps locking up on me. If they sell a 16GB for $199, I might think twice, but I really don’t need it and in reality would probably not get it.

The rumors about iTunes 8 and it’s genius function is not intriguing me at all. It sounds more like a marketing scheme than a useful tool to me. It supposedly suggests artists and music for you like Pandora does based on your library. It also acts like a DJ or sappy high school girlfriend that makes mixed tapes for you via playlists. If it works like it should it may be cool.

I’m not expecting any MacBook announcements of any kind. It wouldn’t make sense. The new MacBooks will be using the new Intel chipset that won’t be ready until Q1 2009. The invite image clearly shows it’ll be iPod heavy. Announcing any MacBook products that will be released next year will kill sales of the iPods they’re trying to push for the back to school and Christmas sales.

I guess the thing I’m most curious about is if Steve Jobs will stop resisting his urge to say “boom”. I feel like the last three keynotes have been rather boomless. We will see.



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