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T-Mobile Launches Android Tomorrow

androidTMo.jpg The day has finally come when Android will land for real. T-Mobile will hold a press conference to announce the first Android OS phone tomorrow morning at 9:30am central time. They have already launched a T-Mobile G1 site. Yes, you read that correctly. The phone we all thought would be named the HTC Dream, is apparently being named the G1. I think they should of stuck with Dream. Much catchier than G1. TmoNews just leaked some of the latest info on the G1. You can check out the rundown on the specs there. Not sure how accurate it is, but nowadays, I just don’t think these companies keep things under wrap to well anymore. Anyway, I’m psyched and I really just want to see this thing in person. If it is as good as some of the hype I’ve been hearing, I will likely get one for myself.



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