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Hug Your MacBooks

I'll Still Love You Tomorrow I know you all are excited. I am too. Today, Steve Jobs will take the stage at the Apple event and reveal the shiny, new MacBook line. I love Apple, but part of their marketing strategy is exactly what the car industry does. Every year they come out with a cooler looking model. Even though your recently purchased MacBook or iPod is still perfectly fine, it starts to look outdated compared to the new model.

But people, please don’t push aside your current MacBooks and gawk at the new kid in town. Your MacBook has been there for you. Every time you wanted to do some work at a coffeeshop, your MacBook was there. Every time your flight is delayed and you don’t want crack open one of those book things, your MacBook was there. Every time you go to a family function and need to pretend you have important work to avoid talking to your drunk uncle, your MacBook was there.

So please people, when the Jobs is up there showing off the new MacBooks with his cool looking slides and “BOOMS”, I want you to remember the loving laptop that’s been there for you all those time.

I’ve ranted enough. Go now and give your MacBook a hug. Better yet, take a photo of it and post it on Flickr. You can post a link of it on my photo and we’ll have a nice group MacBook hug.

Of course, if you don’t have a MacBook of any kind, you should probably order one of the new ones. I bet you they’ll look super cool and I know that you’ll love it like I love my MacBook Pro.



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