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Michael Crichton Passes Away

In MemoryMichael Crichton passed away Tuesday at the age of 66 after battling cancer. I got the news about it Wednesday morning over twitter. At first, I was bummed out because Crichton is my favorite author. However, as the day went on, I started remember what his writing meant to me. Michael Crichton is the author that made me want to read for fun. The first book I read of his was Jurassic Park. I just remember how much I loved his writing style because not only was his narrative engaging, but his books were very science-heavy with charts and graphs. Being the geek that I am, I loved that. He always did a ton of research for his books. Whether or not his science-fiction were feasible in real life was irrelevant because Crichton was able to convince you that it was. After Jurassic Park, I read as many of his books as I can. I even read his non-fiction books like Five Patients and Travels. I loved them all.

I remember, throughout highschool, I’d be reading during class when I didn’t feel the need to pay attention. During the summers when I worked at my parents’ restaurant, I would read his novels before we opened. I can’t count how many times his books have kept me company at my huge family dinners at various restaurants. I would sneak in a few pages in the intervals between the serving of each dish. Some time during my highschool years, I picked up Sphere. It’s a story about a science crew sent down to the depths of the ocean to explore what they think may be an alien structure. It’s a psychological thriller that keeps to guessing until the end. It is, to this day, my favorite novel by Michael Crichton. I have read it at least three times now.

It’s just weird to think of all those hours I’ve spent in the worlds that he built. I didn’t think it would end so soon. Supposedly, there is one more book that was going to be released at the end of this year and may still be released early next year. I really hope that is true. It would be great to have one more journey with him. Either way, I am happy that I have read so many of his stories. I will miss him.



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